Saturday, 21 May 2011

18 may 2011 mangos,murals,catalinas & nicole kidman

Another day in blowin bowen.Simanderal left 0900-we plan to depart tomorrow
The hydrovane rudder grew a tropical garden when I foolishly left it on over easter in Bunderberg.I cleaned it in Airlie. I sanded the hydrovane rudder in Bowen,then painted one coat of primer and one coat of hard antifoul
walked into town to see nicole kidman-well actually just her photo-they filmed the epic film "Australia "here on town waterfront
Bowen is also the mango capitol of australia-unfortuneately not in season now
Also promoted as mural capitol of australia=all thru the town-quite good (photos later when I learn how to add them to blog!)

Also a catalina feature-was a catalina base in WW2 like rathmines on lake macquarie(our home port),with similar huge concrete ramp)

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