Sunday, 22 May 2011


Arrends 33 "First Contact" Orpheus Island
off 0600.sunrise trying to reveal itself thru cloud.
beam reach 6knots number 1 reef. Midday wind 20-25-gybe and number 2 reef.
listening to bruce springsteen on radio.nice having radio and ipod to cabin and cockpit.usually we just like the sound of the water and just talking,.we listen to news once or twice a day.peter kesby said I would become boring if Ididnt keep up with current affairs!
midpm mored onto public buoy atlittle pioneer bay on orpheus island.little white pyramid buoys mark edge of nearby fringing coral reef between us and beach.2 more yachts arrive shortly after us ,then a brief squall,then 'Lucid Dream" got last buoy.pickianother pretty spotng up a buoy is easier than putting out anchor ,anchor buddy and snubber.

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