Monday, 23 May 2011


predawn hitchinbrook island

Dunk Island
0530 coffee on boat with magnificient predawn view of soaring hitchinbrook island peaks,with cllars of cloud,then forest,then mangroves,then still dark water-magic.Across channel sky starting to turn pin
k over mountains wreathed in cloud.Motored along still channel as sun rose.0900 out into sea but no wind so motered along Family Islands,over calm green seas under clear skies, towards Dunk island visible ahead.After lunch set sails and reached a  new hydrovane mark of 6.3 knots.bedarra island looked like a bad haircut with defliation due to cyclone yasi.dropped anchor in Brammo bay,dunk island.very nice.closer inspection with binoculars showed cyclone damage and 5 big excavators working in front of told us resort closed and national parks wakks nice sundowners as 2 more yachts arrived and anchored.this bird kept inviting himself aboard but I suggested he try another boat as iI didnt want guano on mynice clean decks.kerry kneading dough to make bread later tonight.

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