Wednesday, 1 June 2011


departing mourilyn harbour  at sunrise
beach fitzroy
fitzroy island
Off in time to see sunrise thru narrow heads as we left mourilyn harbour.lovely sail.kerry caught another fish! another 60 cm mackeral for dinners.
kerry on coral beach fitzroy island

sunset Nudey beach - kerry on mobile to a Phillipa
Fitzroy island = the classic tropical island-2 peaks with thick vegetation,wide bay with coral beaches,palms,and anchored yachts.launched dinghy and zoomed over to shore.learnt how to secure dinghy=tie one end to jetty,throw dinghy grapnel anchor on rope out the back,then up steep ladder.lovely bushwalk to Nudey Beach.back for sunset sundowner in cockpit.listened to state of origen match on radio-.(good result as twins and I go for qld)dinner=nannygai fish cooked with lots of ginger and herbs by kerry=one of be
st fish meals I've ever eaten 

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