Thursday, 2 June 2011

28may2011. CAIRNS

Up early to Rusty markets for fresh produce-apples and oranges,tropical fruit,chinese greens,trendy eggs(4 doz),persimmons only $4/kg,and bananas only $5/kg($12 at WW).beth leonard,a cruising guru, says in her tome that farmers market = lasts longer.
then taxi to the chip shop.our last one stopped atbowen,.the new one goes to darwin.also got two for indonesia.they go in the cockpit chartplotter.walked the 3 km back intotown for tthe exercise.
next a big shop at WW-enough to last totdarwin
then some alcoho-got casks and cans this time as create less rubbish on boat.
sundowners on haven with the rally crews from simanderal,landin and lucid dream

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