Thursday, 16 June 2011


thursday island


customs and school buses

makes dinghies go faster !
 departed seisia first light to use ebb tide going west to help us sail across to,and up east coast of horn island,and then flood tide going west ,to go down boat passage between thursday island.lovely anchorage between the  two islands in bright pale blue water.R&R kindly gave us a lift over to TI in their dinghy(saves getting ours off deck-so much easier on their cat,+cat has other attributes like spac&speed,so have googled catamarans-hadn't previously considered them,but I digress).bought some CDs by seaman dan,a now 80 yo torres strait expearldiver.lunch (our last meal out before darwin said tom).then cultural centre,customs office,walk the 2 main streets-some nice old hotels and churches,bought a colourful teatowel,postcards,yesterdays Australian newspaper(PK) ,library and postoffice.back to jetty-big customs boats,lots of motor dinghies,water taxi taking island schoolchilderen home.dinghies home and then r& r ,&tom and barbara suddenly sped up as a big croc slid into water near their boats!cooked 4 stirfry meals for trip to darwin.

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