Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MIRI to KUCHING 4-6oct2012

A nice trip,3days,2 nights,286 nautical miles.
On the way i read Cruising for cowards,another bookswap freebie.it made me realise how far we have come in becoming proper yachties-but also a lot more to do and know.
The water pressure pump stopped working,and was very hot,so we gave it a rest.when kerry retried it I noted water coming out back of boat,and it was hot!While the captain noted this in the log,the crew worked out it was a loose connection in our cockpit shower,opened one of her toolkits,and fixed it.
Night sailing with a halfmoon.so much nicer than no moon and a black night.
mainly motorsailed.arrived santubong river,near kuching,saturday morning.santubong mountain most impresive looming over our river anchorage.dinghied into shore,organised diesel,aand went for a walk thru prety little muslim riverside village,where we found a cute old chinese cafe,where we had a simple late lunch,with a chine beer.

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