Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SARAWAK to SINGAPORE 7-10 oct 2012

Another nice passage.3 days 416 NM.
AS we left Borneo it was time to reflect on our 4 months there.we started at miri marina,sarawak,where we left Haven,for a fabulous months landtravel with Sophie-climbing mt Kinabalu,visiting Kota Kinabalu,flying to Mulu Caves,public bus 10 hours to Sibu,on the mighty Rejang river,overnight river trip upstream to Kapit,river/ocean ferry trip sibu to Kuching,such a lovely city,with history,then sarawak rainforest music festival-really good.An overnight road trip to Brunei.spohie flew home to oz.we then went in BIYC=Borneo intl yacht challenge,where we got a 3rd prize in labuan to KK ocean race,then sail over the top of sabah,to kudat,island hop-Tigabu basic,then the resort island of Lankaying with turtle hatching and release,then sandakan,then up the Kinabatangan river for a few nights,back to sandakan,for death march memorial service,heritage walk and agnes keith house.next we went to palawan in the philippines,back past KK to Miri Marina,leaving Haven for a week for to go scuba diving Sipidan.Borneo was great!(and we had been to indonesian borneo ,Kalimantan,last year,going up the Kumai river,to see the fantastic orang utans).
as usual ,kerry made her lovely bread,and also the lovely yoghurt.we eat well on passages.
enough wind to motorsail-not enough to just sail.but no bad weather like philippines rerurn trip.andstill had moon at night.By Tue PM,we were 40 nm from singapore,40 nm from anywhere,and there upon a glassy moonlit sea,were 5 huge empty ships at anchor.from then on it was ships,ships,ships.
About midnight we crossed the main shipping lane.a big ship going both ways every5-15 minutes,doing 10-20 knots.We used the AIS to time our race across to mid channel,at max revs,then to other side.after that it was still very busy,with so many ships at anchor,and moving,and this goes on for next 35 nm till marina.AIS so useful.
Then we saw dawn lighting up Singapore CBD.Huge container port between us and cbd,so fairway with massive(they get bigger up close!)container ships going to port.
Immigration is done offshore before entering marina.we didnt realise that,so went in at 0630,and tied up at fuel dock,till marina office opened.we were then told correct procedure,so after fueling,back out,to two sisters islands,call them on VHF,and motor launch promptl comes over,a man on bow collects our passports and paperwork in a paperbag which kerry passed over.after a few minutes,duly processes,they were similarly returned.back to marina to our berth.
Time for a brief afternoon nap,then out for a great night,with Gosi,Atlantia,Northern Wind,starting at Boaters Bar,happy hour,on marina-pontoon,then marina eatery.good to catch up.then good to have long sleep-no night watches tonight.

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