Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SINGAPORE fri12oct boat jobs,MPA &CHEAH.

Time for some boat jobs-changed engine oil,change oil filter,change secondary fuel filter.Next-go to MPA to do port clearance,as they are closed on weekend.On the way we met a very friendly helpful Singaporean local,who came to MPA with us,then took us to top of nearby building,(where he works as a financial advisor).on the 30th floor there was a fascinating view over the huge,busy,container port,and beyond that,many ships at anchor,and sentosa island to one side.took some photos on Ipad-will put them on blog when Ilearn how to transfer them from ipad.then Cheah took us to a cosy cafe for coffee and toast.he then walked us back to bus stop.lovely talking to a local.we look forward to our return stop in singapore im may next year when Cheah will take us sightseeing and we can show him our yacht Haven and cruising lifestyle.
friday night happy hour on floatind dock bar-met some of the expat liveaboards,and then 8 of us went to harrys bar,in marina,for pizzas.

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