Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SINGAPORE sunday .V-drive,millionaires row .

Time to change the V-drive oil,before seeing Atlantia off.then fill water tank,hose salt off haven.Wifi in marina not working so quick trip to Orchard road to get internet topped up.orchard road has the most expensive retail shops in singapore-fascinating,busy,but not our scene.
Gosi took us on an afternoon walk in sentosa.initially lots of apartment blocks,the new one overlooking sea look pricey.thenthe amazing millionaires row.all the freestanding houses have sea views,or are on a canal,and prices are 20-40 million singapore dollars(say 15-30A$).Lots of expensive cars,including exotic sports cars and rolls royces.Some of the houses were very tasteful,althe many had huge glass fronts with leather furniture and no privacy,many were a bit quirky,and some were downright bizarre.one had a 2nd floor swimming pool with glass front,most had pools,some with windows to basement,some had weird thatched rooves,bot the winner had an egyptian style all of its own-wait till I can post photos.(doing this as sailmail on oenang passage.
That evening we had a delightful final meal on Gosi.
We have really enjoyed our 5 days in Singapore.looking forward to another visit next year.-still havn't seen most of highlights eg some museums and art gallery to see.hope we can get into one15marina again

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