Tuesday, 16 October 2012


A busy night.we are travelling between major shipping lane and the coast.a narrow area,the Malacca strait itself is narrow here,dbetween malaysia andsumatra,indonesia.many ships to our left,many fishing boats inshore,tugs towing barges inshore-tugs usually dont have ais and their long barges are not lit or poorly lit.so close watch,doing nightwatch shifts, with ais,binoculars and eyeballs,.
when the captain awoke in the morning,the crew was doing laundry having alreadt done 40 min exercise.during the dat we passed port dixon marina and port klang.the latter is malaysias busiest port so we had to avoid big ships going in and out.decided to go overnights to penang as weather good,and progress good,altho motorsailing.
in the pm the captain felt guilty and restarted his exercise program.
as sunset approached,we approached one fatom bank lighthouse.many many fishing boats ahead,with floting nets almost a km long,so moved to very edge of shipping lane

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