Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The marina was quiet and still as we crept out early.Did immigration clearance in the sea again,in the predawn grey.this time the documents went over and back in a fishing net on a pole!We had positive current as predicted,and zoomed thru western half of singapore strait.the AIS maxed out at 150 targets,but behaved perfectly again.the ais said some ships were 1000 feet long,with a draft of 38 feet-our length is only 40 feet.after rounding bottom tip of malaysia,we headed northwest up the Malacca Strait.for lunch we had the lovely rye bread barb gave us,with brie cheese,living lettuce and tomato-delicious-all from Cold Storage-so nice to have good produce.
Positive current with ebb tides(=between HT &LT)-so doing 8,8 knot during lunch.motorsailing as usual as wind on nose.plan to go overnight
after lunch it was ipad,read and naps.reading the sunday singapore Straits Times newspaper-lance armstrongs demise,and julia guillard in Bali-she gets lots of coverage in local papers.

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