Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SINGAPORE,one15marina thur 15oct2012.SLR

This is most impressive marina we have stayed in.very well built.Surrounded by tasteful highrise apartments and marina buidings-including gym,fancy swimming pool,bars and restaurant,an excellent Cold Storage supermarket,,and filled with superyachts and motor boats,plus a few sailboats,sitting in smooth dark water.al superclean.An army of boatboys clean them every day!the marina is on the island of Sentosa,with lots of expensive real estate(more later).
We came to one15marina as tom and barb from gosi now live here.they both have great jobs,and plan to stay here for 3 years.it is terrific catching up with them,and seeing what a great lifestyle they have working in Singapore,and living aboard Gosi in such a nice environment.

0900 coffee with Atlantia,then they showed how to get shuttle bus to MRT station,and bus to onestop to clear in withPort Authority(MPA).after that we caught 131 bus to city to Sim Lim centre= 6 floors of electrical shops.amazing place.bought a sim card reader for Ipad,and a SLR camera.
we got some fresh food from Cold Storage,cooked on boat bbq and had an early night-still catching up on sleep

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