Friday, 26 October 2012

THAILAND! 26 oct2012

We have just sailed to a new country.we have done land travel before to thailand,but not boat.
Departed Rebak at unusually civilise hour of 8 am.5 nm later we went into pretty telaga harbour marinafor diesel.As the internet connection was good we lingered on fuel dock doing final email and skype with our malaysian dongle.
About midday we crossed boudary into thai waters.lots of floating buoys with flags.this usually means nets=hazard,and would have been a problem except we had been told in rebak pool yesterday that they have single traps below,no nets.lots of colourful wooden fishing boats.then we started seeing lots of islands,many of them the famous karsts= steep limestone cliffs,with vegetation on top.about 4 pm,after about 30 nm of easy motor sailing,we dropped anchor,in 5 m ,at Ko Balun,between 2 small islands.pretty and quiet-just us.
Finnished 2 nd les norton novel-no literary value whatsoever,but nice to read as set in NSW & Victoria.the 1st one was called Leaving Bondi.tachtswap freebies to be recycled in phuket.Kerry is reading An Extreme Event-the 3rd book we have about the famous sydney hobart yacht race.
dinner was preprepared chicken casserole,with some beans,potato& sweet potato added tonight.With it I had a 2007 sth african shiraz bought dutyfree in langkawi for A$5 per bottle-bought a dozen(thanks robyn.kerry had a 2005 chardonnay from chile for 5rm=under 2 dollars-past its peak but not too many wines with age in asian liquor stores-probably gfc and low turnover.

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