Friday, 27 May 2011


Dunk island to Mourilyn H arbour 23 nm.hydrovane sailed us to narrow entrance by midday

.Last night at dunk another feathered friend.
cosy little harbour with sugar and molasses loading wharf.launched our new dinghy  for 2nd time, using spinnaker halyard and mast winch.dinghy allowed us to see and photograph haven in water after new stripes and name.pulled it up concrete ramp easily with retractable wheels.then off to exercise our sea legs.bought some fresh local barramuni and nannygai.we didnt go swimming-see photo
lovey views for sundowners back on haven

Monday, 23 May 2011


predawn hitchinbrook island

Dunk Island
0530 coffee on boat with magnificient predawn view of soaring hitchinbrook island peaks,with cllars of cloud,then forest,then mangroves,then still dark water-magic.Across channel sky starting to turn pin
k over mountains wreathed in cloud.Motored along still channel as sun rose.0900 out into sea but no wind so motered along Family Islands,over calm green seas under clear skies, towards Dunk island visible ahead.After lunch set sails and reached a  new hydrovane mark of 6.3 knots.bedarra island looked like a bad haircut with defliation due to cyclone yasi.dropped anchor in Brammo bay,dunk island.very nice.closer inspection with binoculars showed cyclone damage and 5 big excavators working in front of told us resort closed and national parks wakks nice sundowners as 2 more yachts arrived and anchored.this bird kept inviting himself aboard but I suggested he try another boat as iI didnt want guano on mynice clean decks.kerry kneading dough to make bread later tonight.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


sugar wharf in rain

5.6 km long

lucinda sugar sheds

landed on our bbq

into the mist-hitchinbrook channel

collecting rainwater

haycock island lunchstop

beautiful mangroves
sleep in till 6.cooked breakfast before departing.easy setoff just releasing buoy.nice to have no accommodation charge again.light breeze ,full genoa and main,and we had hydrovane steering perfectly the whole way for 1st time! the entrance to hitchinbrook channel has a lit  line of leads which we needed to use as it started to rain and visibility was low.we followed the 3 nm(5.6km ! )bulk sugar conveyor wharf in.then past big sud=gar sheds and old molasses jetty and blue barges,then up the channel.we never saw another yacht in the channel.stopped at haycock island after 8 nm for lunch-very pretty-dark still warer fringed by dense scraggly mangrovesand tops of sland obscured by low cloud and mist
we have very nice luches every daybut usually as" saiing along"-eg vitabrits and cheese/tomato/ham/tuna,or recently date sandwiches with vogel bread,on lovely cockpit table,which kerry nicely stained.But today best ever lunch ,by kerry=toasted roast beef sandwiches with tomato and mustard(didn't want you thinking we were slumming it on haven
 another 6 nm and dopped anchor in Peluma creek.narrowstill,dark , and fringed by mangroves,with roots exposed by ebb tide.lots of mosquitos as advertised,but with mossie coil and citronella bucket candle had lovely human signs or sounds-wonderful sense of remoteness
new insect screens effective and pork medallions for dinner


Arrends 33 "First Contact" Orpheus Island
off 0600.sunrise trying to reveal itself thru cloud.
beam reach 6knots number 1 reef. Midday wind 20-25-gybe and number 2 reef.
listening to bruce springsteen on radio.nice having radio and ipod to cabin and cockpit.usually we just like the sound of the water and just talking,.we listen to news once or twice a day.peter kesby said I would become boring if Ididnt keep up with current affairs!
midpm mored onto public buoy atlittle pioneer bay on orpheus island.little white pyramid buoys mark edge of nearby fringing coral reef between us and beach.2 more yachts arrive shortly after us ,then a brief squall,then 'Lucid Dream" got last buoy.pickianother pretty spotng up a buoy is easier than putting out anchor ,anchor buddy and snubber.

20may2011 magnetic island

early departure upstart bay 0345 as 66nm to Magnetic Island.we folded bimini to enjoy full moon and stars. we have a cooked breakfast every morning,usually about 7.with afew cups of coffee/tea intil b,fast.
wind up in pm so reefed main and folded out bimini as some rain.
sailed into horseshoe bay and dropped sails and dropped anchor-about 10 yachts at anchor,2 of which are on rally.sun came out during sundowners=lovely scene with yachts,bay ,resort,and hills.ware enjoying this trip a lot

19may bowen to upstart bay 43nm HOLY MACKERAL

brisk se wind-doing 6-7 knots with just genoa,1/2-2/3 out.
kerry caught a fish! a beautiful 60 cm school mackeral.cleaned and filletef in cockpit.made a beautiful meal for 2 nights
dropped anchor in upstart bay about 4 pm-very pretty national park- beaches and mountains made a lovely view for sundowners.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

18 may 2011 mangos,murals,catalinas & nicole kidman

Another day in blowin bowen.Simanderal left 0900-we plan to depart tomorrow
The hydrovane rudder grew a tropical garden when I foolishly left it on over easter in Bunderberg.I cleaned it in Airlie. I sanded the hydrovane rudder in Bowen,then painted one coat of primer and one coat of hard antifoul
walked into town to see nicole kidman-well actually just her photo-they filmed the epic film "Australia "here on town waterfront
Bowen is also the mango capitol of australia-unfortuneately not in season now
Also promoted as mural capitol of australia=all thru the town-quite good (photos later when I learn how to add them to blog!)

Also a catalina feature-was a catalina base in WW2 like rathmines on lake macquarie(our home port),with similar huge concrete ramp)

17may bowen.hydrovane

antifoul hydrovane rudder

have we left it too late?

primer hydrovane rudder
Another day in Bowen due to strong wind warning.Ourberth is most exposed on NQYC marina so have 6 mooring lines out!.Hydrovane wasn't working-not moving its rudder-we emailed Will in Canada,then rang him,and then simply fixed by tightening appropriate bolt.Simanderal sailed in about 11 am .caught up with Michael who I had met at Southport-also on Sail Indonesia rally ,& also met Ger,and Michelle who had just flown in from Europe for 3 weeks sailing.6pm -drinks on Simanderal -nice chatting to long distance sailors.wWe think their malo 45 is the nicest yacht we have seen so far

mon 16 may Bazza's Bowen tour

secure in bowen boat harbour with strong wind warning.Bazza from NQYC (yesterdays winner)took us on a drive around Bowen=very pretty little town with some beautiful and cake at his lovely house he built himself.bazza suggested we start fishing & helped us buy a mackeral line & silver"spoon"(lure),gloves & gaff hook.bought fresh fish & green prawns from fish co-op for dinner

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

15may 2011 Bowen

last night phillipa and andrew came for dinner on haven at abel point marina,staying the night aboard.we saw them sailing their catamaran as we sailed intto airlie beach from goldsmith island in the whitsundays.sunday15 may Airlie Beachto Bowen -about 30 nm.brisk sail with SEwind behind us,doing 6-7 knots wih just the genoa,& tidal current helping.Autopilot good.Through Gloucester passage-soaring peaks.Then anchored but too exposed.So off to Bowen.Cosy little boat harbour.Berth on North Queensland Yachtclub Marina.Beers in yachtclub and early night.Edit Pages