Friday, 18 November 2011


steve and brian

lorraine & steve,and brian with cake

rick,steve and kerry
Steve,from Patamba,& Brian ,from Further,were both turning 60-so we had a 60's party.great night,with fabulous 60's music,bring a plate food and free ice-cream

trip planning and penang hill 18nov2011

old postcard-australia hotel

where to2013?

funeral-pangkor island

prayer room

mansion mannequins

australian education in penang

the lovely couple again

chinese temple art-sorry its sideways

indian temple
bruce had a rest day.kerry went out to climb penang hill
mojombo loaned me this book which I read a lot of today-food for thought after we finnish trip to borneo next year.
a few filler photos


the english builtmany fine buildings when they took over from the dutch.first stop was fort cornwallis,early 18800s.during the walk we stopped at art gallery and really enjoyed exhibition of eric quah.then another mansion-also a boutique hotel-not as good as yesterday and not worth the entrance fee.called in at museum to find it about to close-5pm,closed tomorrow=friday,so will come back sat.then another chinese temple,old , church,mosque,and indian temple-4 different religions in one street.that led us into little india-they are all the same-colourful,busy and noisy.another busy interesting day.we like penang but enjoyed malacca and ipoh more-more compact,friendly and better restaurants.


Hai Kee Chan

temple door

a beer bucket=in ice- its a hot climate over here!
the mansion had its own chinese temple,with impressive front doors and this bust of first owner.
then we found a foodhall with nice cold beers and excellant food

Thursday, 17 November 2011

PENANG 16nov2011

wedding photos on mansion verandah
motored 10nm,passing under 13kilometer bridge,to straits quay marina,.lovely marina,surrounded on 3 sides by tasteful white apartment buildings.the complex has lots of shops,there are 4 bars and 10 restaurants  along waterfront.
we got the 101 bus into georgetown,the unesco world heritage old part of city.we picked up a copy of heritage map,then visited this impressive recently renovated mansion,built late 19th century by hui kee chan,a rags to riches chines immigrant.then we found a foodhall,for cold ales and grat food

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

straits quay marina PENANG wed16nov

jerejak achorage.peregrina & contrails

13km bridge

contrails passing cruiseship terminal

ferry wharf in front of old city

straits quay marina.contrails entering at left
off 0800 in convoy up east channel between penang and mainland,under the 13km bridge,afterwhich lots of big ships,with big city skyline,and into lovely marina

PANGKOR TO PENANG tue15nov2011

we got up early planning to just go around to other side of pangkor island,then 15nm island next day,then long day to penang.however,Peregrina & Contrails,either side of us in marina wer also leaving early,but going all the way in one day-seemed like a better idea!so we tagged along &with good positive current most of day,were able to keep up.not enough wind to sail,but some motorsailing,and for last few hours,good wind to get us there in time.
went thru new2nd  bridge being built from penang to mainland=so long.1st one=13km !
then dropped sails, and anchor,at pulau jerejak=small island,off city,in view of CBD lights.=nice spot.
a nice long,good ,day-thanks peregrina & contrails
nice sundowners on haven-cold bintang (thanks mitchell),plus'\" Crispy cod fish with seaweed" snack,plus G&T for kerry


Rally tour to Pangkor island,.short ferry trip across to island.interesting wterfront witn buidings on stilts over water,ferries & colourful fishing boats.
we all got into taxi vans which were all hot pink.
first stop=FOOLIIN KANG CHINESE TEMPLE.the chinese do make colourful interesting places for their temples
next stop=FISH SNACK SHOP.We were given a large variety of dried seafood snacks.and also dried fruit snacks.I like the colourful artwork on the packaging,Ialso liked what I tasted and bought up big with visions of snacks for sundowners over our final 2 weeks
WOODEN SHIP BUILDING-still an active industry.walked out onto fishermans wharf-nets,fishing boxes,fishermen resting on big wooden fishing boats.
BEACHES.then to west of island.island only 8km long.pretty beaches.good places for yachts to anchor
8 COURSE LUNCH.then a fabulous lunch,.they kept bringing out more courses.
back to our marina.that evening we went out to a new chinese restaurant in Lumut,nearby city.gary and wendy are cruisers who have been in marina for a few months fitting out their yacht,as their plan to sail to alaska via japan was torpedoed by was very good.


hot tip from sabattical 3 =use as dessicant in boat when lay up on hardstand, to prevent mould!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

pangkor marina rest day 13112011

beer advertisement at start of concubine street,Ipoh

solat=muslim prayer

malay coat of arms-islamic crescent;star points represent states ,territories


cave art,Ipoh
a rest day-bruce did google,trip planning & blog.kerry did lunch and tesco run
we had a useful discussion with mark and laura on how to lay up boat,on hardstand.

IPOH-FOOD 12-11-2011

we had great coffee and chinese sweets here




We had a great gastronomic day-eating at malay wedding,then ipoh coffee,chinese delights,Indian snacks & Indian fried back to marina,in time for drinks at bar,then a very enjoyable openair rally dinner,with lovely buffet food,cold beers,hot music and enjoyable yachtie talk.