Sunday, 23 October 2011


swannie & kerry
  We read an article in the straits times,the newspaper we get delivered to the boat daily for free,about a writer from the ukraine,who was attending Singapore Writers Festival=Andrey Kurkov=looked interesting.we had never been to a writers festival.Kerry googled and off we was based at singapore management university,a very attractive modern building in CBD.We bought ticket pass at white pavilion tent,which had a lovely bookcover collage wall.A K wasnt on till 1130 so went to heat Alice Pung-what a surprise to such an australian accent.she was great and we will have to get her 3 books-esp the latest=my fathers daughter.-she was born in oz but her father was a cambodian refugee who survived  polpots killing fields.
nice to get some culture-and another worl revealed.
andrey kkukov was very clever,funny and entertaining.his theme is black humour and he said living in the ukraine provides lots to write about.we bought the 3 books of his for sale and had a chat while he signed them
also bought neil humphreys book about expat life in singapore

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