Tuesday, 26 June 2012

new anchor winch,miri,25june2012

A sucessful 2 day project,albeit hot,sweaty and dirty,and only sucessful because of supervision and tutelage by Jon from yacht Tweed.we had planned to renew anchor winch at end of year in phuket,as motor and gearbox old(1995) -rust and corrosion,and want something super reliable for next few years.when winch started slipping,we ordered a new one from australia,same brand,but more powerful model.We initially dismantled winch bit-which was fascinating as i had never seen inside a winch before it showed signs of wear and age..then struck problem of winch plate and gearbox being corroded together-problem eventually solved with a chisel and big hammer.after we got it all out we removed a circle of wood from the fibreglas s deck sandwich,and filled it with epoxy.first time to see and use 2 pack epoxy this made it stronger and prevents water going into wood..next day redrilled and countersunk (another 1st) 4 deck boltholes and countersunk winch hole-to put in bostik clear seal  copolymer seal as waterproof seal.put in new shiny winch after greasing all internal surfaces,and usingduralac between dissimilar metal surface to prevent corrosion.  and gearbox and motor.then attached 5 wires,and it worked perfectly!jon showed us how we can use it to go up the mast as well.kerry has put new shrinkwrap around cables.yet to grease terminals and actually all the motor and gearbox surface,then wrap in densotape,to prevent corrosion from exposure to seawater in anchor locker.we rode into miri to many small hardware shops to get replacemeny epoxy,clearseal,shrinkwrap,but yet to find densotape.
thankyou very much Jon

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