Thursday, 6 June 2013


We are in the Indian Ocean!-sailing to Cocos Keeling ISLAND,580 NM to go.
Before leaving belitung I rang Commander Weather to get a weather routing report for the next 7 days.after the verbal,they sent a detailed report by sailmail.Most reassuring for our 1st big ocean crossing.also get the GRIB files via sailmail.
another early departure to get positive current down Baur strait,west side of belitung.the AIS was busy with lots of shipping.then motorsailed into SW headwind to Sunda STRAIT.we went through many oil fields,ans saw lots of squid boats at night.enjoying good meals,reading and nonalcoiholic sundowners.we do 4 hour night watches ,starting at 6 pm.
not heard Green Ghost,ahead,or Aqarius,behind,on 1100 utc HF sked yet,but keep in touch by sailmail.
Late on day 2 we arrived sunda strait.lots of passenger ferries,so AIS useful.positive current as planned.max current 4 knots.a bit rough with sw swell against current.
at daybreak we passed the remains of Krakatoa.Out of sunda strait the wind changed direction enough to turn engine off with relief,and set a course sw to CCK.
so nice to be

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