Monday, 22 July 2013

BLACLK RIVER HIKE 21july2013 mauritius

lunch spot
the view
This is only national park in Mauritius,and is inSW of island.
We bussed down with GG,got maps from park office,and set off thru park.we had a steep climb up a muddy slippery trail,to  this little shelter,all to ourselves,for lunch,and cloudy views over black river and coast.
Then along high ridge with waterfalls,and some nice views.
At end od walk,we got a long lift to convenient bus station,then back to boats
Getting fitter.
green ghost
another great days hiking.early departure to get to south of island by public buses,to Black River National Park a map and set off.light rain, steep ascent interesting due to mud,and tree roots,going through dense forest.upon reaching the ridge,we found a lovely hut for lunch,with great views over black river and coastal reef,which were partly obscured by light rain and mist.It was cold enough to get our jackets out.finnished walk along the high ridge ,with lovely views.about 4 hours walking.we got a lift to bus station,and were back in port Louis  about 4pm.

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