Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Black river peak,le morne ,naval museum mahebourg 25 july13

another nice day in Mauritius
Set off in little white car,with GG,nick and jenn,nick driving.plan to hike tallest mountain/ hill on Mauritius
Overcast so initial change of plan.went to LE MORNE.a coastal rock monolith on S W coast,.a nice spot for lunch on the beach
Still inclement so  h was our next stop.on S W coast,site of initial dutch settlement,and later famous naval battle,famous because the french beat the English.however,England took Mauritius shortly thereafter.
There was a naval museum there in a stately old 2 story mansion,which was good value( and free)
Weather improving so headed for black river national park.a wet track thru dense low trees,uphill,then a mad scramble to the summit!!!!,where the view was  ........
All white! A white out.a windy white out.
So didnt linger on mauritius 's highestbpoint
A wet slippery walk back with rain
Not our best walk,but a nice day

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