Friday, 18 October 2013


The next day was Saturday.Lawrence took us to do shopping and internet.huge mall stio a specialty butcher.Braais are big here.braai=bbq.
Boerewors=south African sausages very popular.on Monday nights at ZLYC they have bring your own,cook your own,braai.Lawrence organised a sample pack of many types of boerewors for us and Lotus
the ZLYC has a restaurant with 3 meals a day,except Monday=cooks day off.also a easy socialising
also got some meat.meat is very goof and cheap,about 1/3 of oz prices.also bought some ostrich steaks.They were delicious.

Biltong also very popular.All sorts and flavours of dried meat.again Lawrence organised a tasting
after running out of fresh food on passage,we loved the fruit and veg shops ,and went overboard restocking
also got some south African wine,again good prices.
dinner on the boat-tied a boerewors of course=tasty

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