Sunday, 14 October 2012

MUCK DIVE sat 29sept2012

2 dives,lunch and fly to Tawau.
Dive #1=Kapali.muck dive.sandy bottom.artificial reefs including sunken local wooden fishing boat.giant groper,moray eels on the move,a painted lobster,banded pipefish and a cute very small,white,frogfish.back to rig for coffee break.
Dive#2=Mabul,at Stingray City.well we did see one stingray.A good dive.A giant moray eel,2 turtles,a large garden of garden eels,and the largest cuttlefish I have seen- just hovering up close.
After final lunch on rig,we were taken by speedboat to semporma,then shuttlebus to tawau,with an aussies diver regularly ringing hid f- i- l for updates on australian rules final.
We checked into the very basic ,but adequate Soon Ye hotel,put all our dive gear out to dry,got directions and mudmap from very helpful chinese man at hotel,and walked to Tawau Yacht Club.lovely long pier with ornate pavilions and woodwork- a great place to relax over a few beers.only one yacht at anchor- they were ashore,and came from indinesia,going to singapore.bruce finnishedpaul theroux-the happy isles of oceania- in hawii, an excellent read,and kerry was looking up diving in Palau.more exercise walking back,early chinese meal and bed.

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