Friday, 28 September 2012

Dive Kapalai and Mabul islands. Fri 28/09/12

Local diving,so sleep in till 7,breakfast and down lift to diveboat at 8 am.
5 minutes over to kapali.huge resort built over  reef/ sand.said to be most expensive at 1000 rm per person per day.on this dive we saw little things- nudibranches,octopus,ghost pipefish,moray eel.pleasant but not exciting like sipidan.back to rig for surface interval coffee break.
Dive 2 was at mabul-Called LobsterLair.we only saw one lobster but he was technicolour.50 minute dive.lots of lovely nudibranches.BLue ribbon eels- vertical,half out of sand,bright medium blue with bright yellow head and fangs.
After lunch on rig we went back over to mabul for third dive,called Paradise One.sandy bottom,50 min,- striped snake eel,seahorse,little shrimps shining translucently in torchlight,a floundfr swimming flatly,crocodile fish,nudibranches,ornamental pipefish,, two big turtles- one cleaning its back under artificial reef,and my favourite- the black frog fish- looking as if waddling along on "hindlegs".not sure about paradise name for dive,as too much rubbish on bottom- glass bottles,plastic bottles,plastic bags,food the dive site is within 75 meres off expensive stilt resort,I think they should keep their front yard tidy!

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