Thursday, 11 August 2011

ILE APE VOLCANO -09/08/2011

yesterday kerry and philippa organised thru a local hotel to climb Ile Ape volcano with a guide,and ojeks to village at base.they left at 1am to get there for sunrise.half an hour on back of motorcycles to seaside village.steep 4 hour climb-about 7 km,and 1500 metres elevation.they were surprised by Elyas,their guide,chain smoking to the top.elyas then rang his wife tto say safely at the tpoop-luckily kerry didnt feel the ned to wake me.strange and superg scenary at the top at sunrise.then e steep descent back down.elyas cut coconuts for drinking.back in lewoleba,they had brunch at his house,freshly cooked by his wife.

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  1. God...and nice located in my home town....and M Elyas my old brother.