Monday, 15 August 2011


regents dinner dancing
regents dinner
the king on right

Where are we? north east flores,about under last e in Maumere.
motor sail to larantuka,arriving 2pm.seaside town.pretty anchorage in channel between mountainous islands.
raphael came out in water taxi to welcome us and give us the program=welcome ceremony 5pm,then dinner at regents house.

the regent greets philippa

clourful welcome ceremony on dock,then we joined dance procession up tp regents house.lovely evening with traditional dance,live music and great food(including whaleshark dish),ubricated with glasses of arak.the regent even sang a song and then we did what they called "rockandroll"=line dancing,plus we learnt one of their group dances-the viceregent was very nimble-this government is so relaxed and know how to have a good time.a most enjoyable evening

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