Thursday, 11 August 2011


while kerry.& phillipa climbed a volcano bruce had a cultural day.bumpy bus ride to very friendly village-welcome ceremony,then walk into village.pretend ceremony of family taking gifts for their sons courtship of a young woman-meb singing,colourful woman carrying offerings on their heads.then a musical procession to ikat weaving demonstation-all very colourful,lots of onlookers,many of them photographing us!1then to a distillery,where tuak and arak are made from palm trees-i had the low alcohol version for lunch-an acquired taste(1$/bottle),& bought a recycled bintang bottle of the arak(taste=very alcoholic but hopefully mix well with coke or sprite and thus a potential bargain a 40,000 rupiah=<5$).nice lunch at beach-large freshly cooked fish,rice,greens and more traditional music and dancing.lowtide precluded a swim but found many seaworms in seagrass in shallows-different colours-green,striped black yellow and per photo bright orange

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