Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Lovely lemurs,beautiful anchorage,hill hike and fresh fish were highlights of the weekend we had here
Not far from hell-ville.anchored in smooth water,in front of small resort with little beach between  rocky outcrops,below 621 meter hill.
As we came in a fisherman in a dugout canoe was retrieving his net.he then came over and showed us his catch- so for not much we got fresh fish.bruce promptly cleaned them on sugar scoop
Still tired from yesterdays exercise,bruce had an unusual afternoon nap.
Then ashore,walking through the quaint little waterfront village.neat little houses with winding little sandy roads,or cars,or motorbikes.running water from a pipe fronm mountain.most cooking on small outdoor woodfired a simple life.the women do beautiful embroided tablecloths,the men do wood carvings,for the tourists ,who come to see the lemurs,and the children run naked on the beaches,in and out of the a simple good life
Nice new little hospital,with doctor,big school,pirogues on beach
It costs 2000 ariah ro see the lemurs($1).our gude called maki maki,and down they came,to get a banana feed,sitting on our shoulders and heads.they are so soft and so cute.they also have tortoises,a chameleon
two cute females
 and a boa much fun we did it again the next day !
We cooked our fresg fish for was delicious

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