Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Made in china,110 cc,not as smooth or powerful as a japanese one,but adequate, 4 gears,no clutch pedal - automatic got us around the whole island
First stop was village on east coast,see photo with sign,where we organised trip to national park to see lemurs.this involves a pirorogue trip over and back.
We had one guide,and 2paddles,so did half an hour each of steady paddling.good to keep fit
We had 2hours in the wild,seeing several very photogenic chameleons up close,ditto many lemurs
We shared our lunch with guide ob paddle back-baguette and banana
We then did about halfway around island.amazing lack of any traffic.then in to centre of island,going up to top of tallest hill,mt passot,for views over crater lakes,and most of island
Busier on lower west coast.stopped in middle of on busy town for cold soft drinks.interesting trio at next table,3 animated Malagasy women,wearing traditional ,colourful clothes,enjoying cold beers and smoking.
turn off to village to go on pirogue boat trip

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