Wednesday, 18 September 2013

SNORKEL WITH TURTLES --Tani Keli island,13/09/2013

A nice sail over to this little island,about 7 km from Hell- ville.It is a little marine park.dropped anchor in lovely clear light blue water.took dinghy ashore,paid our fee,and had a lovely long snorkell.good coral,lots of fish,some larger colourful,and 3turtles
After lunch back on the boat we cleaned Havens hull.bruce spent an hour with the dive tank doing the deeper part,while kerry did the waterline.So all nice and clean for always surprises,and reassures me,how much hull and keel we have below the waterline
warm coffees,then back ashore for walk to see the bats,then uphill,passing lemurs,to lighthouse.climbing it gives a good view.
Motor sail to get back to drop anchor in hellville at sunset

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