Thursday, 30 May 2013


Almost ready.We plan to leave tomorrow.
when we got back 10 days ago,we found our new bimini so full of water,the weight of the sag had damaged the front of the chartplotter below.Kerry spent many days on the phone,and finally a new front panel was found in Singapore,thankyou Allyson,and fitted here thankyou Ziane.We also now also have chartplotter linked to ipad.
one chainplate was leaking,through the we had to fix that.
also re-enforcing all the floor lockers,lockers under beds and seats,loose drawers and cupboards,for rough conditions.Putting in tie down for dive cylinders.putting up new lots of other little jobs.I am always amazed that Kerry has accumulated a tool for every job,plus nuts,bolts,and spares for any job!
we have done two large supermarket shops to provision for our trip,getting enough food for 2 months.
I went under boat to check-lots of very adherent barnacles on propeller,shaft,and uder keel,plus general thin coat of green paid to have that done.
Some play.Lovely sunday lunch with Gosi at new Indian restaurant at marina.Great to catch up with Tom and Barb.Another evening ,dinner with another 8 cruisers at this marina.all seasoned cruisers.
today we get our final diesel,engine oils,check out,pay marina and leave early tomorrow

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