Monday, 13 May 2013

Home on the farm - april,2013

After easter we were home for a few days.our new house sitters ,sara and gaby,have the house and garden looking great.they are well settled in with a new vege garden,and have converted a dogpen to a fowl house,with 3 brown hens and 5 chickens.They go out to paddock so they can freerange without the 3 labradors.I love hearing their contented chirping.
Mick ,next door neighbour ,rang up to say we needed tp renovate our boundary 3 busy days of farm work.we had to replace 5 big strainer posts,then reattach and tighten all the barbwire strands.a job well done- we think it should now outlast us.
The 6 steers we bought in summer are settled in and looking good.Our 3 cows are pregnant and due soon
We had our annual dermatology consult and are aging gracefully despite our sailing lifestyle.

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