Tuesday, 14 May 2013


brown cow
what a pretty calf
After 1,750 km,I arrived in Sydney ,from Whyalla,via Adelaide.I stayed at the Ibis Hotel near airport,and that evening caught up with my good friend David,who is also a sailing,locum obgyn.He had just finnished a locum in Darwin,and was shortly off to his boat in Fiji.So lots to talk about.
The next day with drove up to the farm at Maitland.On the way we detoured to Newcastle,where David shouted me a birthday lunch at the yachtclub.We were joined by Olivia.Itwas a lovely event.Then to continue the nautical theme we went to see Con Tiki.then eventually home to the farm where Gaby had the fire going ,making the house very cosy.So I cooked some steaks and opened a bottle of red.
two old goats
The next day we went for a walk to see the animals.Cossie was still huge and pregnant,but her 2 twin daughters had both just had calves,both girls.the light brown and white one is beautiful.Kirsten,our next door neighbour,had already put ear tags on them.Jasper the  old goat particularly liked ...David.
black cow,calf and steer

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