Monday, 13 May 2013

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA 27march2013

Today we went to NAINATAVIU ISLAND.We got a tuk tuk from our guest house,to bus station in central Jaffna.we crossed several causeways and low islands.Lots of empty ruined buildings from ferry terminal we had to show our passports.the islands are heavily controlled by the navy.we were packed into a small wooden ferry,with tamils going to temple,the women in very colourful saris.
SRI NAGA PUSHANI AMMAN TEMPLE was very colourful inside and out,with a loud and vibrant religious ceremony occurring.
As we strolled around the grounds of temple we were attracted to live music and came across a wedding,to which we were made most welcome,with drinks and snacks,while wedding ceremony in full swing.lots of colour and music
The Tamils are actively recovering from the war

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