Monday, 13 May 2013


Today we did a tour of the Jaffna Peninsula,north of the was a lovely day.
Our first stop was a local fish market- lots of colourful little fishing boatd in little harbour.there were military checkposts everywhere,including here,and the army man said to not take photos.the tamils certainly are reminded all the time that they lost and the others won.
Next stop was KEERIMALI SPRING and temples,on the ocean edge.there are 2 bathing pools,one open ,for men,and one enclosed for women. Next to the temple were lots of severely damaged buildings.
We saw lots of hindu temples in jaffna being repaired.
Our trip then went along the north coast.lots of sandy beaches,with topaz blue seas,very colourful fishing boats,and no other tourists all day!
After lunch we left Jaffna and headed back south.Lots of driving to see Jaffna,but very worthwhile

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