Wednesday, 15 August 2012


we did 3 boat dives.the dives were average and visibility not great,but great to be underwater again,as we were a bit rusty ,and needed a tune-up for diving sipidan later.we have our own dive gear,but used their tanks as easier-the spare mouthpieces on both our regulators were not working properly-honarius,the senior dive instructor kindly fixed them while we did 1st dive.we saw nice coral,big cuttlefish,small orangutan crab-which looked more obvious on video after dive,nudibranche,and blue eel with yellow teeth;
after the diving we were lucky to seeturtles hatching.well you dont see them hatching out of buried egg,but see them emerging from sand.about 50-100 green,and also hawksbill turtles.they looked so cute all wriggling together in 2  plastic bowls,in fast motion,before release on sandy beach.then,with an adoring crowd of about 30 humans,they rapidly wriggled directly to sea,and swam off.

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