Tuesday, 28 August 2012


we made it to the island of palawan today.we plan to continue up to main town of puerto princesca,where we can check in and get visas,and also check out.There also a friendly yachtclub there.Then we could come back,or go up and around to El Nido,and back,or continue down west coast,palawan passage,to kota kinabalu.deadline is kk by 23sept,to fly sipidan to go diving.hope weather holds.
Have never been so underprepared going to another country.1st time to nmt have the appropriate lonely planet.we have one cruising guide book,latest edition,=1998!it has some history-magellan arrived 1521,and the spanish ruled till spanish-american war of 1898,then ww2=japanese,then independence 1946.this history once summarised as 300 yers in a convent,then 50 years in hollywwod.1998 population 60 million.archipelago with 21,500miles of coastline,7107 islands at low tide,but only 55 >1km square,of which we have been to 2.however we are prepared for sailing palawan.
The wind came up and we had a fine sail into the tuba river.big barges load nickle/zinc ore,from nearbt mine,onto barges,which tugs then tow out to big ships in deeper water offshore.further upriver we dropped anchor opposite stilt village over rier.looked like rain ,so we staye on haven,having relaxing drinks,finnishing land under the wind & sailmailing.the sun came out,illuminating a pretty scene-stilt houses,and lots of outrigger boats going past

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