Tuesday, 28 August 2012


we sailed to the Philippines today.Balambangan to Balabac,50nm.Beautiful twilight over Banggi mtn as we left 0530.slight breeze,so motorsailing,as we have boiled egg on vegemite toast(kerrys bread).Finnished Knockdown.Anchored off Balabac town,in lovely harbour,with stilt village over water,and lots of colourful wooden boats,many with outriggers either side.sun came out ,lighting up the scene,calm deep water in front o village,palms and jungle covered hills behind.so dinghy ashore,to where ferry boats are.sleek white wooden narrow boats with outriggers,with blue painted ban=mboo floats.walked village and back.spent our 1at 100 pesos on mobile phone topup.back on haven i cooked some greens and cauliflower,added to beef curry,and enjoyed pink sky above pink still water,listening to local mosque.

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