Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TIGABU to BALAMBANGAN island,17aug2012. ITS A BOY!

46nm.sailing before sunrise is a nice way to start the day.goosewinging,as wind behind,mainsail oneside,and genoa-foresail,out the other side with spinaker pole.
Sailmail from the Kesbys back home-Jos and Sabrina have had a baby boy-called Lorenzo Richard-CONGRATULATIONS!.
Breakfast is usually bought muesli.to today we added rolled oats from australia,raisons from USA,dates from egypt,figs drom thailand,milk from NZ/Australia/Malaysia,lovely little local bananas,and papaya,and local lowfat yoghurt.
kerry cooked bread this morning.looks good.the wind dropped ,so we had a swim,then lunch-the lovely fresh bread,with butter and vegemite,and with dried figs.then motorsailed to balambabgan island,still in malaysia,but in balabac strait between bornoe and palawan.entered lovely harbour,between coral reefs,. Sandy beaches,a few huts,a few boats.we did aerobicsexercise sessoin on boat,then the usual shower,sundowners with another great sunset.

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