Wednesday, 15 August 2012

tigabu to LANKAYING ISLAND 03aug2012

a contrast of islands today.
we had calm seas again with slight breeze,so motorsailed the 37nm to lankaying island.we picked up a mooring(which kerry had prebooked as we planned to go diving here),infront of a smallgreen island with pale beach surrounded by aquablue water,with a lovelt dark wood dive centre over water,chalets in the trees,and a huge resort building over water,with a long jetty.we walked to this building -very trendt interior,with so much wood.even glass panels in floor to see the sea.back past turtle conservation centre,and hatcheries.tuetles come ashore at night and lay eggs,which are then put in hatcheries,with date.they hatch 57 days later,and are released into sea.4arranged diving for tomorrow and then took dinghy for a snorkel.sunset sundowners,and dinner on haven,cheaper than resort,and we have a better view.

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