Wednesday, 15 August 2012

lankaying island to SANDAKAN,SABAH 05082012

50 nm today,so early off ,with morning sailing,afternoon one stage passed 35 strangelooking  fish net  bamboo structures in ocean,kilometers we came into sandakan harbour,we rounded the high streaky rock cliffs of island at entrance.we went past several very poor looking stilt villages over water,large wooden ferries at anchor,the mosque,and dropped anchor in front of Sandakan Yacht Club.we took dinghy to syc jetty,paid 100 ringgits aa=nnual membership,plus 10rm per day to use facilitis=es, and received free syc shirt and cap.lovely club building and proper yachts.just small dinghies,plus boats for recreational fishing,with twin huge outboards.nice outlook over the swimming pool and gardens,and haven ,and 2 other yachts at abchor.
we went to supermarket and wet market to stock up for our river trip.
back to haven and notived a strange rope trailing was wrapped a few times around propellor and shaft.must have just happened aas we stopped,.it was easily removed when I went under with mask.
we had drinks at dinner at yacht club.put dinghy and outboard back on view of recent outboard theft here,we put 3 padlocks on outboard,plus 4 nav lights 2 flashig blue),plus left one interior light on all night,.
such a busy harbour-lots of small woodem=n feeries,fast passenger speed boats,big wooden fishing boats,boats of army,navy,maritime,polis,and some big cargo ships-so good lighting at night essential.

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