Saturday, 12 November 2011

IPOH 11-11-11

 Our 8y.o cockpit chartplotter is playing up so kerry opened up to try and find problem.will probably need a new onewe have a backup nav program called c-maps on the toughbook computer..
 we then headed off to IPOH.Ipoh became very rich city in 1870's due to tin mining.the chinese miners persuaded the malay sultan to invite the britisg to provide law and order.after a big fire the british supervised the building of lovely civic buildings,whichhave  survived.along with numerous chinese shophouses.hence the heritage walk-every saturday.
we got a taxi to lumut bus station,then public bus(8rm-2 hours)to ipoh.checked at tourism office if free walk still on=yes,but now 20rm.booked hotel=dragon and phoenix(60rm).

 after showers we headed out to dinner.
margie,kerry and chinese shophouses
on the way we stopped at a petshop which sold puppies and kittens but also many snakes,lizards,mascaw parrots,a naked cat,a strange tortoise ,iguanas and a monkey

we bypassed muslim foodarea as no beer,and headed for chinese area-alive nightmarket,open meal,then a new cafe for ipoh coffee,and a pomelo-also an ipoh speciality
kerry,cafe owner,pomelo & peter

ipoh icons

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