Sunday, 6 November 2011

PTL-MELAKA-sat5nov-museuns,bodybuilders&dutch pizza

 Passed  this statue in front of gym on way to famous jonker steet walk in chinatown.originally dutch buildings.great facades.

jonker street coffin shop and temple

jonker street chinese guildhall


then to Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum.originally dutcg,then wealthy chinese.fabulous tasteful period interior

dutch colonial-Stadthuys1641(R)=history museum
 then the history museum in massive,impressive,solid thickwalled stadthuys=original townhall for dutch,built 1641-1660=oldest surviving dutch building in the east.nice museum now.

christchurch from museum

hotel puri
 hotel puri where we didnt of beautiful buildings along hereen steet where really rich straits chinese lived.we went in for a look and it is very nice
then some exercise,walking along malacca river,to kampung morten=heritage malay village,on river bend,still in city central.river walk=pretty,with old houses,cafes,guesthouses and sreetart.we stopped at riverfront Dutch Cafe,for nice cold beers(Skol,Jaz) & wines,and had a loveely pizza for dinner(not really dutch).another great day in Melaka'

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