Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PANGKOR TO PENANG tue15nov2011

we got up early planning to just go around to other side of pangkor island,then 15nm island next day,then long day to penang.however,Peregrina & Contrails,either side of us in marina wer also leaving early,but going all the way in one day-seemed like a better idea!so we tagged along &with good positive current most of day,were able to keep up.not enough wind to sail,but some motorsailing,and for last few hours,good wind to get us there in time.
went thru new2nd  bridge being built from penang to mainland=so long.1st one=13km !
then dropped sails, and anchor,at pulau jerejak=small island,off city,in view of CBD lights.=nice spot.
a nice long,good ,day-thanks peregrina & contrails
nice sundowners on haven-cold bintang (thanks mitchell),plus'\" Crispy cod fish with seaweed" snack,plus G&T for kerry

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