Sunday, 6 November 2011

ptl-MELAKA sun6nov-haj,cheng ho&cheng hoon teng temple

haj-chief minister in orange

chief minister & iman at haj-khemah lapah

cattle on truck awaiting khemah lapah

800 grams
 caught a taxi with nice chinese taxi driver called mr zack,to the state mosque for the haj.huge building with lots of moslems going in .we waited outside,listening to service on loudspeakers.then we attended the khemah lapah= 13cattle converted into 800gram parcels for the poor.the head iman invited us to breakfast,then introduced us to the cief minister for melaka state,other vips and the regent.we were the only westerners there and were made very welcome.we watched the first 3 cattle being dispatched,skinned,then cut into large pieces,then into small pieces.

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