Sunday, 6 November 2011

ptl-MELAKA friday 04-11-2011-old city,maritime museums&portugese dinner

nice local chinese breakfast=cheap-a few dollars
chinatown near  sama sama

 cafe voyage-sama sama guesthouse HQ-a great place to relax,drink coffee and do free internet
malacca river

 after breakfast and internet we headed off to see heritage stuff,starting at the clocktower(1850),christchurch(1753) and Stadthuys=original dutch toenhall(1641)-all very colourful and nice atmosphere.right next to malacca river and remains of old dutch fort.
 then climbed bukit st paul(hill) to st pauls church.majestic 2 storeysoverlooking melaka,a ruin for last 150 years,and a great place for this wedding photo session
 Porta de Santiago=themain gate of A'Formosa
st pauls church in background
 this ruin is impressive being the only remains of the original portugese fortress built in much history!
naval paratrooper
 The maritime museums were good value.this photo shows a naval commando from PASKAL section-they are involved in preventing piratism in malacca straits and attacks on Petronas oil ships and oilrigs-reassuring.
after drinks at the very cool Baboon cafe with dale and sophia,we hit the night market in jonker street and had a lovely meal at portugese restaurant.then nice to retreat to our cosy sama sama guesthouse after a great day in melaka.

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