Sunday, 6 November 2011

PTL- MELAKA thur 03-11-2011

what a luxery marina.only 50rm per day(A$17).we had a walk around,looked pool and gym,saw sab3 off,helped intiq sort out net problem,then went for long beach walk.beach not like bondi.
caught 11am shuttle bus to port dixon,then public bus to seramben,had lunch(2 coffee & rice 4rm),then next public bus to Melaka,thenanother bus into old city(total fares 14 rm=$4)-4 hours. walked to sama sama guest house in was 2007 lonely planet best budget guesthouse.cute and only 40 ringatts per night with free pushbikes amd internet.Bought beers from little house across the street which went down well.then john,the manager,from myanmar,took us and 2 other backpackers,and sagar,staff,from nepal,on a magivcal mystery tout thru old malacca,stopping once for 3 jugs of myanmar beer.arriving back aafter dark to sama sama,we had showers and then all went out for a lovely meal at a busy outdoor pakastani restaurant.what a lovel day.


 playing pingpong in marina gym
haven in heaven

bus station lunch

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