Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Rally tour to Pangkor island,.short ferry trip across to island.interesting wterfront witn buidings on stilts over water,ferries & colourful fishing boats.
we all got into taxi vans which were all hot pink.
first stop=FOOLIIN KANG CHINESE TEMPLE.the chinese do make colourful interesting places for their temples
next stop=FISH SNACK SHOP.We were given a large variety of dried seafood snacks.and also dried fruit snacks.I like the colourful artwork on the packaging,Ialso liked what I tasted and bought up big with visions of snacks for sundowners over our final 2 weeks
WOODEN SHIP BUILDING-still an active industry.walked out onto fishermans wharf-nets,fishing boxes,fishermen resting on big wooden fishing boats.
BEACHES.then to west of island.island only 8km long.pretty beaches.good places for yachts to anchor
8 COURSE LUNCH.then a fabulous lunch,.they kept bringing out more courses.
back to our marina.that evening we went out to a new chinese restaurant in Lumut,nearby city.gary and wendy are cruisers who have been in marina for a few months fitting out their yacht,as their plan to sail to alaska via japan was torpedoed by tsunami.food was very good.

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