Wednesday, 11 July 2012

BAKO NATIONAL PARK 11-12july2012

Bako is a small (27 sq km) national park,north of kuching,on a consists of a sandstone plateau,edged by rainforest and sandy beaches.we got there by public bus to bako bazaar,then a scenic 30 minute boatride to park hq.hq set in lovely bay with mangroves one end and sanstone cliff the oyher,.put our bag in storage ,had nice brunch in hq cafe,and did thr lintang trail.10 trails to choose from.initial boardwalk,then steep climb thru tropical forest,to sandstone plateau = kerangas- reminded us of australia- hawksbury or katherine gorge plateau.then detour telok pandan kecil trail,down from plateau to delightful little beach ,with huge sandstone cliffs.most visitors get boat there and back but we walked- about 9 km in total = a lovely days walking.saw siver fur monkeys on way back- they have lovely little black faces.pouring rain as we got back,just in time to see some probiscus monkeys at hq- really easy to see- with huge stomachs,long white tails and of course,the big pink bulbous noses.had a few beers to celebrate a lovely day,then headed over to our dorm for showers,before nice dinner at cafe.finnished reading book about the 2 white rajahs of sarawak,written by wife of last raja in 1939.

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