Tuesday, 31 July 2012

KK to AMBONG to KUDAT over tip of Borneo310712

Time to move on.the 7 day weather forecast said 40-50kph winds(=20-30 knots) and seas 2.5-3.5 metres.it was correct!so we had a lively fast 2 days of sailing! We got into protected  anchorage at Ambong-  off a small village,near a large wooden anchored fishing boat.20 nm.cooked 2 kg of 5 onions,garlic and ginger.used some for evening meal.put rest in frig for later meals.meanwhile kerry did an excellent job stitching our bimini which was disintegrating in the wind.another nice remote sunset sundowners and meal,just us,no other yachts(altho we did see one sailing quickly north past ambong).nice sleep.off about 6- motored till squall went past.no more rain,but conditions more lively today- bigger swell,and wind18-22 knots,gusting to 25,and to 28 after rounding the tip of borneo.we sailed with no main sail,just a partially furled genoa.for the nonsailors we will say it was easier sailing downwind,as the swell was behind us,and the apparent wind is less than true wind.if we going the other way,we would have been going into swell,meaning water over boat,and apparent wind would be greater than true wind.after rounding the tip we had wind side on for the 15 nm to kudat.got there about 4.30.70nm.the marina was not open so we anchored in the entrance with 6 other yachts.busy spot with lots of dinghy fishing,and big fishing boats and ferries going in and out.we put on our 2 anchor lights,one on mast,and one above rear solar panels,plus we put blue flashing lights front and back.pleasantly tired- so early night

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